About Us

f*ck plastic | reducing plastic never looked so good
Here at SACKED store we provide top quality 100% organic reusable bags. We strive to help people eliminate the need for single use plastic one shop at a time! Our bags are versatile, ecofriendly and economic because we believe there should never be a compromise between those factors.
Our goal at SACKED is to create a range of products you are proud to use, not only for their environmentally conscious properties but also their aesthetic design. We are here to help people make a mindful decision with their purchasing and make a small, simple yet smart change in their lifestyle. Remember small changes can lead to big differences!
Our flagship products include a range of produce bags and market string bags with a strong focus on a simple, clean and minimalistic design that is not only beneficial to the environment but also practical. We are always developing new ideas and will be expanding the range continuously, make sure you check back with us to see what’s new!
We look forward to working together and making this world a cleaner and greener place!